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The BUBBA League

Fantasy Football Rulebook



Rule 1. All franchise owners shall bring $100 to the annual draft to pay the commissioner for the cost of an online stat service, putting together the weekly reports and for prizes/awards at the end of the year. Owners shall pay $2.00 for each roster move throughout the season.

Rule 2. The draft shall last 16 rounds. Start of Draft: 6:00 PM.  The selecting order for the odd number rounds shall be determined by the order of last year’s finish (last place finish has first pick, etc.)

Teams in the prior year BUBBA League Super Bowl shall pick 9th and 10th in the first round.  The Super Bowl winner picking 10th 

The order for the even numbered rounds will be in inverse order from the each of the odd numbered rounds. i.e., the team that picked tenth in the odd round shall pick first in the even rounds. The team that picked first in the odd round shall pick last in the even rounds.

Players picked up after the draft and before the 1st regular season game will cost $10 per transaction - aka, "The Eddie Rule"

Semi-keeper rule: Teams are allowed to "keep" up to two players for the current season from their prior year roster.  The player must have been drafted by that team and on the season ending roster of that team to be a potential keeper.

The exceptions are: No players drafted in the initial seven rounds of the prior year’s draft can be kept. Keeper eligibility starts with players drafted in the 8th round. The price an owner pays to keep a certain player is equal to the draft pick three rounds earlier than where that player was chosen in the previous season’s draft. An example is if a team were to keep the player drafted in the 8th round of the previous season’s draft, the player would count as the team’s 6th round choice for the current year’s draft.

The players that a team declares to keep must be announced prior to the start of the draft. Keepers will be submitted to the commissioner one week prior to the draft.  Any announced keeper (A) injured for the season or (B) retires, may be discarded as a keeper, prior to the draft.  Team Quarterback or Kicker may also be discarded as a keeper, if (A) or (B) occurs to the named player, prior to the draft.  A "keeper" player can only be on a roster for one season. He will return to the draft the following season.

Each franchise owner shall select players from the following categories: Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Wide Receivers, Tight Ends, Kickers, and Defense/Special Teams. Minimum roster is as follows: one quarterback (see Rule 5b), two running back and wide receiver, a flex from RB, WR or TE, one tight end, one kicker (see Rule 5b), one defensive/special teams (see Rule 5a).  Total roster: 16.  No college players may be drafted as a potential keeper.  A player must have been drafted by an NFL team, ending his college eligibility, or signed as a college free agent to be drafted in the BUBBA League.  Current and former NFL players, those not on an NFL roster at the time of the BUBBA League draft including the NFL Injured Reserve and PUP list, are eligible for the BUBBA League draft.

Rule 3. Each franchise owner shall submit a starting lineup of one quarterback (team), two running backs, two wide receivers, one tight end, one FLEX position (RB, WR or TE), one kicker (team), and one defense/special team to the league website prior to Sunday kickoffs.  For Thursday or Saturday games, and if an owner wants to insert a player(s) who is playing, they must submit that player before kickoff of the first game of the week. The rest of lineup must be submitted prior to Sunday kickoffs.  If no lineup is submitted, it shall be assumed to be the same as the previous week’s lineup. Players must be started at the position at which they are listed on the official NFL roster. Each franchise owner must start a defensive/special team each week that is not on BYE.  If the owner does not have a defense to start because of a BYE week, the team will be penalized 20 points for the week.

Rule 4. Offensive scoring: Touchdowns shall be worth six points; touchdown passes worth four points, field goals worth three points and kicked conversions worth one point. Two-point conversions, whether they are run, caught or thrown, shall be worth two points. Players earn one point for every 10 yards rushing or receiving, and one point for every 20 yards passing. Four bonus points shall be awarded for 100 yards rushing, 100 yards receiving, or 300 yards passing (individual, not team). Four bonus points shall be awarded for 200 yards rushing + receiving combined.

Defensive scoring: Touchdowns shall be worth six points; safeties, fumble recoveries and interceptions shall be worth two points. Sacks will be worth one point.  One point shall be awarded (added or subtracted) per 10 rushing yards above or below 110 and 20 passing yards above or below 250. (For every 10 rushing yards less that 110, the defensive team will have one point added to their weekly score and for every 10 rushing yards more that 110, the defensive team would have one point subtracted from their weekly score).

Rule 5a. The defense team and special teams "player," unlike the field players, is an entire NFL team.  It scores whenever any player on that NFL team scores.

Rule 5b. For the positions of quarterback and kicker, a team’s "player" shall be utilized. During the draft and on starting lineups, a team shall be designated for these positions for the purpose of insurance against injuries and benching.

Rule 5c. Players who appear at more that one position are eligible to receive points at both positions. For example, if a player started at QB and at some point catches a pass as a WR, he is eligible to receive those points. Similarly a RB or WR who throws a pass on a flea flicker play is eligible for passing yardage or a touchdown pass.

Rule 6. If two or more franchise owners wish to trade players or draft picks, they may do so. A trade becomes official when all parties involved have contacted the commissioner and verified the terms of the deal. Trades are considered a roster move and each owner shall pay $2.00 for each transaction. Unequal trades will be allowed, however, players must be added or cut to maintain roster requirements of 16 player’s minimum/maximum. All trades must be for players or specific draft picks.

No trades will be allowed for future or past considerations.  No cash considerations are to be included in any trade offers.  These exceptions are known as the "Danny" rule.

Only teams that are in good standing with the league shall be permitted to make trades after the season is over and prior to the draft.  Good standing shall mean having paid all league fees.  This shall be know as the Robert's Rule of Financial Order!!!

No trades shall be permitted for the rest of the season after the kickoff of the first NFL game on the thirteenth week of the season; Thursday, November 30, 2023.

Rule 6a. A team may pick up one (1) player to their roster if they have a two players or teams of the same position, QB, TE, K or D/St on bye.  The player can only be kept for one week.  The following week, the player is dropped from the roster.  This type of transaction will cost $5.00.

Rule 7. If a player isn’t on a fantasy team, he is considered to be a free agent available on the waiver wire. The worst teams have fist dibs (limit of one per team: on available free agents until 06:00 am Wednesday: with points scored being the tie breaker for teams with the same record. After 6 am on Wednesday's, it’s first-come, first-serve (with no move limit) until the kickoff of the first NFL game of the week. For each player obtained via waivers, a player must be released (he can then be picked up by other teams the following week). All franchise owners must be informed a player has been waived before any team can acquire the player. Players picked up may be used in the week they are acquired. Signed free agents must stay on the roster of the team they were obtained, for a minimum of two days. Players cut are eligible to be pick up as first come, first served. Unlike trades, waiver moves are allowed the entire season, including the playoffs.  League Fee for player dropped and another aquired via waivers is a total of $4.00

Rule 7a. After a team’s season has concluded, no additional player moves are allowed to their roster. Again, this rule is known as the “Danny" Rule.  

Rule 7b. Player conduct.  If during the 14 game regular season, a team's player gets arrested or suspended for violating league rules, (including Defensive team players) that owner will be fined $5.00.  No exception for Cowboy players!!

Rule 8. The league commissioner or a simple majority vote of the owners can overturn any trade that’s agreed upon and intended purpose is to strengthen one team at the expense of the other. The commissioner’s veto may be overturned by a majority vote.

Rule 9. The league commissioner shall prepare the schedule and division alignments. Each team will be scheduled for a head to head match against another team in the league each week. The winner of each game will be the team with the highest score. The league will consist of 10 teams and two divisions comprised of five teams' each. During the regular season, teams will face each of their division rivals twice and each of the teams from the opposite division once. The teams shall play a 14 week regular season, with weeks 15, 16 and 17 of the NFL season reserved for a single-elimination playoff tournament for the six teams finishing with the best regular season records. Four teams shall participate in a Toilet Bowl Tournament, with the loser earning special recognition as the worst team in the league. (The losers of the two semifinals advance to the Toilet Bowl). The winner (loser) of the Toilet Bowl shall provide one (1) case of beer to the following year's draft and will also wear the Shit emoji Hat.  Consult with Eddie on how to properly align on one's head. 

DaMudbugz shall provide food to the draft for as long as there is a BUBBALEAUGE.

Rule 10. The following is the tie-breaking scheme should two or more teams have identical records at the end of the season. Ties inside divisions shall be broken first (with the winner of that tiebreaker advancing to the next tie, if applicable). Tied games count as half a win and half a loss (7-5-2) is the same as 8-6-0)

Most points scored.

Record against other teams in the tie (only if all they played each other an equal number of games).

Fewest points allowed.

Most points scored against other teams in the tie (only if all have played each other an equal number of games).

Fewest points allowed against other teams in the tie (only if all have played each other an equal number of games).

Team with the lower draft position advances (one is high).

Rule 11. For playoff games, coaches submit a tiebreaker order of their non-starters (if they don’t submit a lineup, the backups are ordered alphabetically). In the event the teams tie, the overtime players are compared against each other one at a time until a winner emerges, with all applied points being added to the regulation score. The next tiebreaker is total offensive yardage of the six starting field players, and then total combined distance of all touchdowns. If the tie still stands, the home team advances. Home team shall be deemed to be the higher seed in the playoffs, based upon regular season standings.  After administrative fees are deducted, the Super Bowl champion shall be awarded 70% of the money collected, with the runner-up receiving 30%.

Rule 12. The league commissioner shall prepare reports weekly and distribute them in a timely manner to all franchise owners via the My Fantasy League website.

Rule 13. Team names must be approved by a majority vote of franchise owners.

Rule 14. Rules may be revised or added at the annual draft take effect the next season.  Rules may only be changed during the season by unanimous vote of all the team owners.

Rule 15. For the first playoff game, the first place teams in each division shall be given a bye.

For the rest of the playoffs, the division winners shall be given three points for home-field advantage.

Rule 16. If a player is drafted and is on a team's roster at the time of being placed on the NFL's Injured Reserve List, that player may be placed on the BUBBA League IR.  Keeper rules apply.

Rule 17.  Teams in divisions will be based on current year draft order.

Trinity - Even teams draft oder

Bauer - Odd teams draft order

Rule 18.  Waivers -   Waiver wire after last game of week.  Players picked up to remain on roster a minimum of two days.  Waiver wire pick-ups end Wednesday 12:01 AM.   Start of first come, first served waivers will be Wednesday at 6:00 AM.  Players cut are eligible to be pick up as first come, first served. 

NFL Injured Reserve Rule - Players on IR are note eligible to play for their team, but they are allowed to be with the team.  Players designated for return must miss a minimum of four games before they can come back.  A player declared to go on the NFL teams Injured Reserve can be replaced via the waiver process.  The ineligible player is placed on the BUBBA League Injured Reserve and a new player is selected.  There is no charge to the owner picking up a replacement player.  But, once the player on the NFL Injured Reserve is deemed eligible, the replacement player must be dropped.  If the player is kept, normal waiver fees will apply to add and drop players.  


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