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2004 BUBBA League Season

The question entering the 2004 Draft was not who would be selected #1, but who Danny would curse as being the team to beat after the draft. 

Black Jack started the evening by selecting Priest Holmes with the number one pick.  From there, things got weird.

A record number of trades were made, prior to and during the draft.  Almost an equal amount of beers were also consumed.  The longest draft finally concluded at the BUBBA League Headquarters.

Danny, true to his curse, selected the DiamondBacks as the team to beat in 2004.  Byron never stood a chance.

Below is a recap of what happened during this historic season.

BUBBA League Week #13

Week 13 finally brought closure to the playoff picture.

Hairy Polis made his way in the the round of the Super Bowl playoffs with an overwhelming win over the Grove Rats.

The Masters Division added two more members to the club as the VA Gents held off Showtime, who nearly made it after a 1-7 start. No repeat this year.

And the RoadKill Gang, behind another Monday night miracle, came back to defeat the Who Dats.

Three teams tied with the same sub .500 record, with Black Jack included. With the first tie breaker being points scored, RoadKill beats out Black Jack by 54 points to secure the final playoff spot.

Next weeks games will pit Who Dats, Hairy Polis, VA Gents and RoadKill Gang to see which two teams will advance to round two and do battle with Da Mudbugz and Malum In Se.

In the battle for the beer. Grove Rats, DBacks, Showtime and Black Jack will due battle.

This is the first year the league has had two teams with sub .500 records make the BUBBA League Playoffs.

Da Mudbugz are the favorites, but watch out for the RoadKill Gang.


BUBBA League Final Standings 2004

    Win   Div NonDiv Pts Max Min Avg Pts Max Min Avg Div  
Trinity W L T Pct GB W L T W L T For PF PF PF Ag PA PA PA PF Strk
z-Da Mudbugz 10 2 1 .808 --- 6 1 1 4 1 0 1299 147 64 100 1084 153 51 83 853 2W
x-Hairy Polis 6 6 1 .500 4.0 4 3 1 2 3 0 1310 153 34 101 1152 119 60 89 818 2W
Black Jack 6 7 0 .462 4.5 4 4 0 2 3 0 1008 121 40 78 1062 128 35 82 605 1W
DiamondBacks 5 8 0 .385 5.5 2 6 0 3 2 0 1106 139 35 85 1149 132 34 88 634 3L
Grove Rats 4 9 0 .308 6.5 3 5 0 1 4 0 953 96 60 73 1243 153 40 96 567 1L
    Win   Div NonDiv Pts Max Min Avg Pts Max Min Avg Div  
Masters W L T Pct GB W L T W L T For PF PF PF Ag PA PA PA PF Strk
z-Malum In Se 9 4 0 .692 --- 6 2 0 3 2 0 1180 113 58 91 1205 147 60 93 735 2L
x-Who Dats 7 6 0 .538 2.0 4 4 0 3 2 0 1335 152 66 103 1119 115 57 86 856 2L
x-Virginia Gentlemen 6 7 0 .462 3.0 3 5 0 3 2 0 1165 115 57 90 1228 129 68 94 675 1W
x-RoadKill Gang 6 7 0 .462 3.0 4 4 0 2 3 0 1062 129 55 82 1078 110 56 83 687 3W
Showtime 5 8 0 .385 4.0 3 5 0 2 3 0 1135 132 51 87 1233 152 61 95 711 1L
x- clinched playoff berth
y- clinched division title
z- clinched first round bye
Super Bowl
Who Dats at RoadKill Gang
Hairy Polis at Virginia Gentlemen
Toilet Bowl
Black Jack at Showtime
DiamondBacks at Grove Rats


BUBBA League Scores Playoff Week 1

The BUBBA League version of the Music City Miracle happened on Monday night football. As happened so many times this year, winning and losing depended on the stat of MNF.

This week's game provided stunning comebacks for the RoadKill Gang and the Grove Rats.

The RoadKill Gang advances to the final four of the BUBBA League Super Bowl Playoff by coming back from a 44 point deficit to push the Who Dats out of the tournament.

This was the first year the BUBBA League had two sub .500 make the Super Bowl Playoffs. RoadKill and the VA Gents. Both advance to the next round.

The most exciting action was provided by the participants in the Toilet Bowl. Going into Monday night, the DBacks and Black Jack appeared to have eliminated themselves for providing beer to next year's draft. But nooooo.

The Rats, using two late season pick ups, Tenn QB and Larry Johnson, stormed from behind take one of the two top spots. Showtime was the odd man in, but he scratched his way to tie the DiamondBacks, 93 all. To the tie breaker to determine who goes to the TP Bowl.

The DBacks selected the Dallas QB's for his tiebreaker. Showtime did not submit one. By virtue of the league rules, Showtime's tiebreaker is selected alphabetically. Brown, Chris is Showtime's tiebreaker and Showtime joins the Grove Rats from the sidelines.

Next week's match up's bring back the division winners to the 2004 BUBBA League Super Bowl Playoff.

The 2004 BUBBA League Super Bowl Playoff- Round 2

Da Mudbugz
Malum In Se
RoadKill Gang
Virginia Gentlemen

Toilet Bowl
Black Jack

A reminder: Three Saturday games this week.


BUBBA League Playoff Week 1 Scores
Super Bowl
Who Dats 105 RoadKill Gang 111
Hairy Polis 76 Virginia Gentlemen 107
Toilet Bowl
Black Jack 89 Showtime 93
DiamondBacks 93 Grove Rats 112
Playoff Week 2 Fantasy Schedule
Super Bowl
Malum In Se at RoadKill Gang
Da Mudbugz at Virginia Gentlemen
Toilet Bowl
Black Jack at DiamondBacks


BUBBA League Scores for Playoff Week 2

A series of unfortunate events plagued Da Mudbugz and the Virginia Gentlemen on their quest to reach the 2004 BUBBA League Super Bowl.

The Virginia Gentlemen, who could never find a consistent pair of WR's the whole year, could not keep up. Da Mudbugz, attempting to achieve the big game for the third consecutive year, was unfortunate to be the third highest scorer.

The Flight of the Phoenix, the RoadKill Gang will play The Incredibles, Malum In Se for the highly coveted 2004 BUBBA League Super Bowl T-Shirt.

The RoadKill Gang left for dead in the middle of the season, road on the back of the 6-5 Drew Bennett for the third consecutive week to score his season high and advance. The RoadKill Gang are the second team that had a sub .500 record to advance to the big game.

The incredible journey for Malum In Se continued as he garnered his first time in the big game, while having a bunch of points still on the bench. By the way, both teams represent the Master's Division, the AFC of the BUBBA League.

The Beer Bowl outcome was as expected. Black Jack, who never recovered from Priest Holmes being lost for the season, lost out to the DBacks, who was cursed from the beginning.

2004 BUBBA League Super Bowl

Malum In Se vs RoadKill Gang

The Playoff Payoff's this year will be:

1st - $551.00
2nd- $235.00
Admin- $65.00

Reminder to the two participants, a Friday game to go along with a couple of Saturday games.


BUBBA League Playoff Week 2 Scores
Super Bowl
Malum In Se 121 RoadKill Gang 131
Da Mudbugz 116 Virginia Gentlemen 103
Toilet Bowl
Black Jack 43 DiamondBacks 93
2004 BUBBA League Super Bowl
Malum In Se at RoadKill Gang


2004 BUBBA League Super Bowl

The 2004 BUBBA League Super Bowl did not produce the excitement of the prior week, but it did produce a winner.

The winner of the coveted Super Bowl T-shirt is Malum In Se. Malum In Se, who as you may remember, had Robert draft for him in 2003, made few changes during the season and came home the winner.

The RoadKill Gang, the Master of the Move, came up short in his quest to become a two time winner.

The Final: Malum In Se - 81

RoadKill Gang - 60

Also, there is a cash prize.

Malum In Se: $552.00
RoadKill Gang: $236.00
Admin 65.00

The Draft Status for the 2005 Season:

Grove Rats- still the King of the Beer
DiamondBacks-Looking for a different seat next season
Showtime-Mass Trader
Black Jack-Two man team
VA Gents-Looking for a WR in all the wrong places
Hairy Polis-Will he trade with Randy for a QB?
Who Dats-Team will score. Just not the right weeks.
Da Mudbugz-One word: Baltimore
RoadKill Gang-Why draft, it will all be traded by week 3!!
Malum In Se-All the right moves

A great year was had!

The Commish
2004 BUBBA League Super Bowl Results
Malum In Se
RoadKill Gang

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