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2005 BUBBA League Season

The 2005 season was noted for historic first's. 

Before the draft, more trades were made to exchange draft picks than ever before.

The VA Gents brought a lap top to conduct his draft.

Danny did not drink a beer.

And with their end of draft trade, Black Jack and Showtime doomed themselves for the season.  Well actually, Eddie doomed himself with the Julius Jones trade with the Devil, and brought Brady with him.

As the season wore on, three things became clear. 

The Gents screwed up royally with the Tatum Bell trade with The Devil.

The Who Dats were really lucky.

And Hairy Polis and RoadKill Gang, with their trades with their little buddies, were the teams to beat.

In the end, Mr. Lucky wasn't so, the Gents salvaged a playoff spot, and nothing more, Da Mudbugz quietly minded his business and nearly was in the Bowl again and the DiamondBacks... oh the DBacks.  A fine season, but no shirt.

The Rats, even though finishing out of the playoffs and into the Toilet Bowl, cannot be lumped in the three that set the BUBBA League on it's ear.

Black Jack, Showtime and Malum In Se combined for four wins.  Another note, Black Jack had 11 consecutive losses.  And fittingly, Mal and Showtime played one game to a tie.

In the end, the Hairy and RoadKill via for the 2005 Super Bowl championship, and the coveted T-shirt.

RoadKill put a whipping on HP and claimed his second championship, joining original members Who Dats and VA Gents and a two time winner.

The recap of the 2005 season:


BUBBA League 2005 Week #13

The mostly crazy BUBBA League regular season is over. It seems like yesterday that wild, ass trades were flying around the Trinity war room.

The VA Gents backed into the final BUBBA League Super Bowl playoff spot, by whipping up on Showtime, while the Rats watched LT and there season go to the locker room, just before halftime.

The Who Dats got some revenge from an opening day loss to the RoadKill Gang. With Shaun Alexander crying for more playing time last night, so was Danny.

Hairy Polis "quietly" finished with a nine game winning streak.

He and the RoadKill Gang will watch this week with a bye.

Because of their combined 4-33-2 records, Black Jack, Showtime, and Malum In Se all will be sharing in the beer and food purchase at next years draft!!

Remember to put in a tiebreaker. If you don't select one, one will be selected alphabetically.

The results:


BUBBA League Final 2005 Standings

    Win   Div NonDiv Pts Max Min Avg Pts Max Min Avg Div  
Trinity W L T Pct GB W L T W L T For PF PF PF Ag PA PA PA PF Strk
y-Hairy Polis 11 2 0 .846 --- 6 2 0 5 0 0 1439 146 66 111 1105 133 45 85 820 9W
x-Da Mudbugz 9 4 0 .692 2.0 5 3 0 4 1 0 1149 109 72 88 1052 147 53 81 679 1W
x-DiamondBacks 8 5 0 .615 3.0 5 3 0 3 2 0 1197 133 68 92 1140 118 49 88 790 2W
a-Grove Rats 6 7 0 .462 5.0 3 5 0 3 2 0 1220 143 51 94 1104 120 33 85 723 1L
a-Black Jack 1 12 0 .077 10.0 1 7 0 0 5 0 821 108 44 63 1314 163 64 101 577 11L
    Win   Div NonDiv Pts Max Min Avg Pts Max Min Avg Div  
Masters W L T Pct GB W L T W L T For PF PF PF Ag PA PA PA PF Strk
y-RoadKill Gang 11 2 0 .846 --- 7 1 0 4 1 0 1485 163 66 114 1049 106 44 81 896 1L
x-Who Dats 9 4 0 .692 2.0 6 2 0 3 2 0 1107 111 60 85 1042 111 39 80 671 1W
x-Virginia Gentlemen 6 7 0 .462 5.0 5 3 0 1 4 0 1238 119 66 95 1159 142 36 89 736 1W
a-Showtime 2 10 1 .192 8.5 1 6 1 1 4 0 787 96 33 61 1180 137 46 91 512 1L
a-Malum In Se 1 11 1 .115 9.5 0 7 1 1 4 0 813 77 46 63 1111 146 49 85 489 1L
x- clinched playoff berth
y- clinched division title
a- Toilet Bowl Participant

BUBBA League Scores for 2005 Playoff Week 1

As it has all year, the Monday night game turned out to be a big factor in the results of the first week of BUBBA League Playoffs.

The DiamondBacks used the Atlanta QB efforts to Dunn get past Da Mudbugz and advance to the second round. The VA Gents advanced as well to face the Division leaders, Hairy Polis and RoadKill Gang.

The normally Mr. Lucky, the Who Dats, couldn't find any as Carson Palmer and Willis McGhee decided to have their worst games of the season.

The Toilet Bowl saw the most exciting results this week.

As expected, the Grove Rats rolled to eliminate himself from beer bringing contention.

Prior to the Monday night game, Showtime held a slight lead to join the Rats. But as we have seen all year, Malum In Se, Black Jack and Showtime have demonstrated a special "bond". All three teams ended their scoring separated by a difference of one point. By scoring 62 points, Mal is eliminated.

With Showtimes 61 and Black Jacks 60, they will face off next week to the Toilet Bowl finals. Black Jack goes for a possible back to back beer bringing experience.

Reminder: Three games on Saturday. Plan accordingly.


PlayOff Week 1 Scores
Super Bowl
Da Mudbugz 81 DiamondBacks 88
Who Dats 60 Virginia Gentlemen 91

Toilet Bowl

Grove Rats 82 Showtime 61
Malum In Se 62 Black Jack 60

BUBBA League Scores for 2005 PlayOff Week 2

For quite a few years, the Who Dats and VA Gents have felt somewhat like the 72' Dolphins. The only two teams to capture the coveted BUBBA League Super Bowl shirt, twice.

That will end this year as the division leaders advanced to the 2005 championship.

The RoadKill Gang and Hairy Polis both soared way above the century mark to easily secure their berths.

The VA Gents, trying to be like the Grove Rats of yesteryear, couldn't keep up with the big boys.

DBacks, everyone's sentimental favorite to get into the big game, got little help from his players.

In the battle to bring the beer, Black Jack pulled a back to back, and will again be procuring the suds.

Based on their records, though, Mal and Showtime, need to help out.

The results of Playoff week two:


PlayOff Week 2 Scores

Super Bowl
RoadKill Gang 125 Hairy Polis 138
DiamondBacks 66 Virginia Gentlemen 93
Toilet Bowl
Showtime 50 Black Jack 36


BUBBA League Scores for 2005 Super Bowl

And then there were three.

The RoadKill Gang joined the Who Dats and the Virginia Gentlemen as a two time winner of the coveted BUBBA League Super Bowl T-shirt.

Buoyed by his running backs, the Gang avenged an early season loss to Hairy Polis to capture the 2005 crown.

The Final:

RoadKill Gang - 153
Hairy Polis - 111

Also, there is a cash prize.

RoadKill Gang: $572.00
Hairy Polis: $244.00
Admin 65.00

The Draft Status for the 2006 Season:

Black Jack - aka back to back Jack - An eleven game losing streak.
Malum In Se - can't resist - What a difference a year makes
Showtime - Speaking of can't resisting, a trade...P.S. ->Give me a call, Eddie. Your buddy, The Gents
Grove Rats - Next year, more beer....
VA Gents - That Tatum Bell thing would have worked out if Craft hadn't drafted Anderson. Ya right.
DiamondBacks - He's got skills. Numchuck.
Who Dats - Scored the least amount of points for a playoff team. Can definitely pick a winner. Maybe next year it will be his team.
Da Mudbugz - How does he keep finishing near the top each year??
Hairy Polis - The Edge for Duce?? Scoreboard
RoadKill Gang - 2005 SuperBowl Champ... with assists from Showtime and VA Gents.

Till next year..

The Commish

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